What do forcibly displaced people need?

Before you begin, answer this question in your own mind (or even better - jot down on a piece of paper):

What is the greatest need of someone who has been forced to flee their home?

Then listen to Innocent's story in the video below. (Innocent Magambi is the Founder of There is Hope and a friend and long-time partner of IAFR.)

Above: Innocent Magambi recounts his experiences of displacement.

Perhaps when we asked what you think is the greatest need of a person who has been displaced you wrote down shelter, or water, or jobs, or a passport.... Whatever came to mind first, the IAFR Continuum of Response will help flesh out the reality of the journey of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people.

Before continuing, watch this short clip for a story about why our understanding of this really matters.

Above: Rachel Uthmann, Director of Training for IAFR USA

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